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We at Brush&Rolla are a dedicated team of professional painters and decorators with years of experience working with businesses, landlords, commercial property managers and administrators. Painting, decorating and maintaining different types of properties across Sussex and the South East of England.
Our range of services is packed with smart solutions that allow us to work on painting and decorating projects with minimal disturbances to the business. So whether you need an express service, overnight painting or complete property re-decoration, let us know.

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Do you have a business that is in daily operation and would like to avoid closing the premises and loosing profit? Do you need a team of specialists that can work alongside other trades to finish your project on time and budget? Do you want someone you can rely on every time?
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Overnight Decorating Services

Do not loose a bit of your profits while while having your property re-decorated. We can service restaurants, shops or offices with minimal disturbances to the business.
Scheduled, overnight or during the weekends.

Express 48Hour Painting & Decorating

In case of an unpredictable emergency, we can attend high priority jobs within 48 Hours. Without a contract.
For when you really need painters and decorators fast.


Whether you need help selecting the colours and finishes to match your desired outcome, or just want to make sure the right materials are used. We will provide free initial consultation together with a site survey, considering your requirements, budget and timframe. As a standard, we give regular updates throughout the project.

Crew for Any Sized Projects

Get a professional crew to get on with your painting and decorating project. We can build a perfect team that will match your requirements, utilising individual skillsets of every team member. Call 07957 920 920 for a quick chat and get your painting done with Brush&Rolla. Get in touch for a free estimate and to discuss your requirements.

Seaside Property Specialist

By being located in the South East, we had many opportunities to work on seaside properties in places like Brighton, Hove or Eastbourne. And we proudly rely on the best brands to help protect these exteriors from harsh weather conditions. With weather-proof mineral paints.

Working Along Other Professionals

Some projects require different trades to work along each other in a certain harmony. We will fit your project schedules so there is a smooth flow of the trades, each playing its part at the right time and within budget.

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See a selection of properties and decorating projects that we have worked on, read reviews from our customers and maybe even get inspired.

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